Boat Slip

Get Your Boat Slip Today

Annual rental of either a boat slip or a space on the new watercraft storage rack is only available to Resident Members of the Lanark Village Boat Club (LVBC). Each facility has its own set fee and a required work hours obligation to be performed by the member.

If you are new to LCBC and would like to apply for a Boat Slip, please click the button below and submit the application for review. 

If you are a current LVBC Member and need to renew your Boat Slip, please click the button below.

This Application is for the rental of either a boat slip or a watercraft storage space:

  • Members wanting to utilize both facilities must provide all requested information.
  • Separate fee and required work hours apply for each facility. (See page 2 of 4).
  • One Annual Pass comes with the rental and may be used for both launching facilities.
  • Rental period is for the calendar year (January 1 – December 31)
  • Applicant’s listed boat or/and watercraft shall be the only one using the facility – no sub-letting.


  • Renter is responsible for properly securing their boat or watercraft – mooring lines, tie-downs, etc.
  • Member’s guests / charter clients – must pay a daily fee of $5 per each vehicle parked on LVBC property.
  • Member is held responsible for meeting this requirement. Vehicles with an Access Pass are not required to paythe daily fee. No overnight parking of vehicles and/or trailers allowed.
  • In the event of oncoming storms, it is the responsibility of the renter to remove their boat or watercraft upon notification (e-mail, text or phone) from the Dock-Master or designated agent (Ramp Master).

Guidelines specific to slip renters:

  • Maximum length of any boat in a slip is 26 feet.
  • Boats must be moored in slip so that the bow does not obstruct the use of the walkway.
  • No gas or oil is to be deposited in the boat basin or on the LVBC property.
  • It is the responsibility of the renter to remove a sunken vessel within 10 days at owners’ expense.

Guidelines specific to watercraft storage renters:

  • Maximum length of watercraft to be stored is 12 feet.
  • A watercraft is a human powered: vessel – i.e., kayak, canoe, paddleboard, etc. (other by prior approval).
  • Only storage location is on the metal racks. Watercraft may not be left “on the beach” at any time.
  • Launching and re-entry only allowed through the designated/posted area east of the pier.